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Welcome to the Panama City, Florida Hash House Harriers, the Drinking Club with a Running Problem! Join us as we merrily lose ourselves through city streets, beautiful beaches, thick woods, and run in and out of bars, all in the glorious search of that golden nectar: BEER.

What is hashing?

The "hare" for the week sets a trail for the "hounds" to follow. The hash run follows an unpredictable cross-country trail laid with simple trail-marks (usually flour or chalk, otherwise known as "hash") showing the way. A crafty hare will set "false trails," trying to foul-up the Front Running Bastards (FRB's) in the group, thus allowing the pack the opportunity to catch up. To make sure that the group stays together, harriers yell "ON-ON" when they see a trail-mark and are heading in the right direction.

The history of the hash dates back to British Malaysia before WWII. There are now hash chapters established in almost every country worldwide, thereby making the planet a less lonely place for many ex-pats who's postings take them to faraway places. The good news for us home-bound Yanks is that hashing has caught on in North America.

Since hashing has been around since the late 1930s, different hash clubs have different traditions. Drinking, singing (drinking songs, of course), and other archaic diversions have been known to occur on the hash. The philosophy of the original Hash House Harriers from the 1938 charter was:

At trail's end hashers gather to drink their beverage of choice and recognize the efforts, deceits, and folly of the hare. The Closing Circle is led by the Religous Advisor or other desiginated wanker. Traditions (and the degree of rowdiness) vary from hash to hash, but in general the Circle consists of awarding "Down-Downs" for misdemeanors real, imagined, or blatantly made up. Visitors are always given a Visitors Down-Down as are Virgins (first-time hash runners) and anyone else who comes to the attention of the Circle. So come on out and enjoy the fun!

The Panama City H3 was founded on 15 February 1992 by Peter "Bogya" Bauer and its parent hash was Montgomery H3 (Montgomery, AL) which was founded in 1983 by Bill Booker, Chris Moore, and Giles "Patchwork Quilt" Paget-Wilkes. Montgomery H3 was born of East Bay H3 (San Francisco, CA) which was founded in April 1979 by Robbie Cook and Bob "Old English" English, which in turn traces its roots to the Mother Hash in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The Hash Genealogy project maintains a historical listing of all known hash clubs and gotothehash.net has assembled an excellent hash history with additional links for more information.


Have questions? Email any of our Mismanagement:

Grand Master (GM) - Lil Buffy Foo Foo
Glorified event planner, babysitter, and drunk herder. The "face" of PCH H3. Appoints the Circle Jerk for each trail, responsible for recruiting hares and various other administrative duties. Gets blamed for everything wrong.
Religious Advisor (RA) - SOS
Typically the Circle Jerk -- Leads circle. Knows songs. Can control a mass of 10 to 100 drunk people, which is not only about being loud (but that helps too) but also about having good energy, charisma, and a sense of humor. Also in charge of blessing the Hash, Hare and Beer; settling disputes over tradition; and considered to be responsible for the weather.
Hash Flashes - Metro Sexual, Woo Woo Amen, & Kung Pao Pussy Puddle
Takes photos and does the write-up to chronicle the events and misdeeds of the kennel.
Haberdasher - B-Shit
In charge of collecting Hash Cash, keeping records, and all Haberdashery items such as t-shirts, vessels, lanyards, mementos, etc. Tracks trail attendance for purpose of awards. Manages the bank account.
Song Meister - Wiener of Minimal Penetration
Master of music for down downs and entertainment. Responsible for supplying circle with songs at a moments notice.
Beer Meister (and Hashgear Rep) - Silent Cummer
Possibly the most thankless job in the hash, but the most vital. This person is responsible for bringing beer, LPR, and water EVERY trail, or securing a replacement beermeister in the event of absence.
Web Mistresses - Jimmy Crack Cock & Kung Pao Pussy Puddle
Responsible for updating the various websites, notifying other kennels of the major events, hawking haberdashery, etc.


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